Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Has Been Revealed

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As we all know, fans are more than hyped for Sonic Frontiers, the 6th Mainline 3D Sonic game which stars Modern Sonic. But now gameplay has been revealed and fans have mostly negative opinions. Today we break down the video.

Source : Teaser


Source : Teaser

The teaser showed off 3 enemies in action, which were a spiky llama hand claw thing, a literal sack of balls, and the main, which is the titan. My guess is that the titans are going to be the final boss of each island. And with the enemies which were showcased, Eggman being the main villan is pretty unlikely OR he just improved a lot in making robots, to the point that they might not even have animals inside it.

Plot Theory

Sonic woke up from a coma, and finds himself on a stranded island, and he can’t remember anything. As he traverses through different islands, he goes to different locations, slowly regaining his memories. At the end of each island is a boss fight, and in each one Sonic’s friends are trapped in the Titans. One things for sure, Eggman is unrelated.

Souce : Annoucement Trailer

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The Gameplay

We see Sonic collecting purple Mario Odyssey coins. And his jumping sound effect is different. And apparently you can climb. Oh wow this takes a LOT from BOTW. Also the springs are now pink.. What. We then see a triangle on the floor which apparently looks like a portal to enter the cyberspace levels (which could be activated by something) And Sonic walks slow on top of it. Or the player could have just slowed down or else he would have fallen off. And it seems as though everything is popping up, Like Minecraft chunks loading when you get close to them.

Being an open world, There is a lot of platforming, keeping the feel of the Sonic games while still moving onto a new experience for Sonic.

Also boost gameplay is back. Im sure literally everyone noticed that.

We see Sonic running on a bridge past a circular object who few frames after throws itself right at sonic but misses the shot. Sonic also fights a sack of balls, claws and a titan in the teaser. Also sonic can wall run. And then he collects a heart floating randomly in the air. Then come the puzzles which are extremely easy. Like literally, you move a statue the correct way which is so easy and then the door behind it opens. And then there’s Flames and Sonic has to run around them to make them go off. A blue fruit appears if you do so. and black squares on the ground which turn blue and you have to run accross each of them which is so easy. Can I even call this a puzzle? But ok we still have top wait cuz we haven’t seen the full project yet. Maybe he already did half of the puzzle and the other half is easy.

And it seems that after each puzzle blue stuff goes all around the map, Then Sonic 06 eagle appears. And there maybe is also a weather cycle because later in the video we see rain.

Sonic’s Moveset

Source : Gameplay

Sonic’s moveset includes a new jump sound effect, kicking, wallrunning, and a new type of boost. It’s black instead of blue.


As of right now, we have only seen 4 puzzles, and I named all the 4 of them, which are-

  • The Twister – You literally twist a statue in the correct direction to open the gate behind it.
  • The Run-Around-Fire – You literallly spin around a lighted fire structure to un-light it.
  • The On-Square-Stepper – There are black squares on the ground which turn blue and you literally have to

step on them.

  • The Hamster Spinner – Ok this is the easiest of all of the easiest puzzles, you go in a circle then run like a

hamster in a ball (the circle doesn’t move) and that’s it.

Also once all puzzles are completed, you unlock a collectible as a reward, and then blue stuff goes all

around the map.


Source : Gameplay

As of now, we saw 4 enemies (and yes i gave the names)-

  • UCO (Unidentified Circular Object) – It attacks by throwing itself at you. The way to win against it is to dodge it.
  • Claw – Attacks by jumping and then coming to you and SMASH. The way to win against it is to circle around it.
  • Sack of Balls – It just.. doesn’t attack.. atleast in the teaser, because maybe it does attack. The way to win. against it is to Homing attack and kick it continously.
  • Titan – The one in the trailer was big. The one in the teaser was small. It attacks using it’s hands. You run on top of it and then kick it to win.
Source : Gameplay
Source : Gameplay

Expectations from Fans

Other than the stuff coming in this game, these three things should happen:

  • Multiplayer And Co – Op
  • Custom character creator
  • More playable characters

Also there is a theory about the open world acting like a hub and not actually being the main game. Let’s just hope that’s not true. We just gotta wait.

You can watch the Gameplay on YouTube.

Source : IGN

Till then, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and Jai Hind!

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