Apple Silicon – Will it offer great Gaming experience

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As we all know, Apple recently announced its move from Intel to home grown Apple Silicon. Since then there are quite number of talks on expected performance from this new chip. Recently Tech YouTuber Max Tech updated interesting facts around gaming with the Apple Silicon.

Snippet from Apple Silicon Developer Videos

Apple Silicon Macbooks will not support Windows through Boot-Camp. Also they are not going to support third-party GPU like AMD or NVIDIA. Apple will instead have a custom ARM based CPU and GPU built into one system on chip (SOC) like the big Gaming players Sony (PlayStation) and Microsoft (XBOX). Along with this for first time, Apple has opened its Metal Developer Tool to Windows for the creating games for Apple Silicon.

Apple SOC (Source – Apple Developer Video)

Native support for iOS and iPad apps

With Apple Silicon, best part is that it will natively able to run any iPad or iOS app out-of-the-box. This means that you will be able to run all game and apps you have on your iPad/iPhone currently. The direct touch based model for games/apps on iPad/iOS will be automatically mapped to the indirect cursor based model for Mac. This means that once the developer creates app or game for iOS, it will be ready for iPad and Mac with Apple Silicon.

Gaming World

Gaming on PC or Laptop is declining as it’s getting replaced by gaming on Mobile and Tablet. With Metal development tools open to Windows, many AAA gaming creators will have good reason to develop games for Macbooks as well along with iPad and iPhone.

Thus Apples decision to switch to its own custom chip will open new portals for Apple Silicon Gaming on Macs.

These are all speculations based on the information floating on internet. So for official update, we need to wait for the upcoming Apple events in 2020.

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