Apple April-2021 Event

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Since few months, there were multiple rumours about Apple March event. Some even gave dates like 23rd March for the online event, but it never happened. But now Apple officially announced the Apple April-2021 Event, Spring Loaded, which will be held on 20th April 2021.

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What to Expect

Apple is teasing the Apple April-2021 Event with the tagline “Spring Loaded.” The invite is colorful but doesn’t provide many hints at what Apple could announce during the event. Due to ongoing pandemic, this Apple April-2021 Event also will be virtual, something like pre-recorded Video where Apple executives will give details and may announce some new products. You can stream the event through Apple’s website, on YouTube, and through the Apple TV application on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

As per the numerous rumours around, we can expect new iPad, Apple TV, Air Tags & may be new iMac.


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iPad is on top list on expected Announcement at the Apple April-2021 Event. As per rumours, its expected to come with mini-LED display. Mini-LED is a new form of backlighting that is used for LCD screens. It includes many of the same benefits as OLED but oftentimes can offer increased brightness & improved power efficiency. Also its expected to have new improved A14 chip. Will it be iPad, iPad Pro or iPad mini? For this lets wait for Apple event on 20th April.

Apple TV

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Rumours around new Apple TV are there since ages now. But this time it looks like we may see it happening. Bloomberg has also reported that the updated Apple TV will include a new remote that supports the Find My app.

Air Tags

Air Tags are the most talked about product which is never officially claimed or spoken by Apple. But there are many rumours now suggesting that this may hit this Spring at Apple April-2021 Event. Air Tags are nothing but the item tracker accessory which will make full use of Apple ecosystem.

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Current iMac, Source :

With announcement at WWDC-2020 about transitioning from intel to Apple Silicon, Apple mention about it 2 year plan. There are multiple rumours about all new redesigned iMac with multiple color options & with thin bezels. Like M1 Macs, its expected that Apple may introduce redesigned iMac with its 21 or 24 inch entry level model. Apple has already stopped selling of 21.5-inch iMac models, and it also recently discontinued iMac Pro without a clear replacement.


There are many product which are expected to announced in Apple April-2021 Event. But Apple also have history of dedicating total event on single product launch like last year’s Sept event. So lets see what is there for us in April Event for us. Stay tuned!

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