Apple November Event : All about Apple Silicon

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Since Tim Cook announced Apple’s move from Intel based processors to Apple’s Own Silicon at WWDC 2020, there are endless rumors every now and then about upcoming Macbooks powered by Apple Silicon. Due to Covid-19 pandemic this year, Apple events were all streamed online. This allowed Apple to hold dedicated events for Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone. Continuing this, after back to back events in Sep-2020 and Oct-2020, Apple have now confirmed about their Nov-2020 event and we all are very excited about it.

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This event on November 10th is titled as “One More Thing“, famous line often used by Steve Jobs in Apple Events. Its expected that this November event will be totally focused on the new game changing Apple Silicon Mac that Apple announced back in June when they said that they’ll be releasing before end of the year. We may get more details on the latest MacOS Big Sur and its performance with the Apple Silicon chips. Do note that Apple already showcased during WWDC 2020 how good these chips are with Apple native software like Final Cut Pro and also with gaming.

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As we already know these new chips are going to replace the Intel chips in Mac. So future Mac will be powered by the same type of chip that we already have in iPhone or iPad. Benefit of this is that these chips uses a much simpler architecture which is all controlled by Apple. Thus resulting in seamless sync with all its products. Due to this, it’s able to achieve huge boost in performance per watt which leads to much better battery life and less heat output. We all know how bad is the heating issue with the latest 2020 MacBook Air which is powered by the traditional Intel processors. If we neglect the heat issue with MacBook Air, then its the best Ultrabook we can have, and now with Apple Silicon, this is just a step away.

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According China Times (Chinese News Paper) Apples A14 and A14X processors are already being mass produced at TSMC on the 5-nanometer process. We already have products like the iPhone 12 an iPad Air powered with the A14 chip. So its safe to assume that the A14X chip is the thing which will be the main attraction of November event. Many Tech YouTubers like Max Tech already showed us how impressive is the single core performance of these A14 chips and the multicore performance is almost as high as the A12Z chip. Most noticeable thing is that the new 4 core graphics in the A14 is more powerful than the A12Z’s 8 core graphics which shows us just how good are these new chips.

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Now based on recent rumors, we should most likely expect 2 different Mac to be revealed at this event as per the latest tweet by LOvetodream.

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The first one is rumored to be an entry level MacBook that’s meant to replace the current 13″ MacBook Air. Now this could either be a revival of the 12 inch MacBook that Apple discontinued last year. Or it could use the same body as 13″ MacBook Air but simply called as Apple MacBook.

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Next MacBook we can expect is the 13″ MacBook Pro. If we see the last update to Intel based MacBook series, we can see that only high-end MacBook models got the latest 10th Gen processors. So considering this, it might happen that Apple Silicon will be there in entry level MacBook and high-end models will be still available with latest Intel processors OR this might be vice-versa. There are rumors of 14″ MacBook Pro since quite a long, but nothing concrete about it. Now this leaves us with the 16″ MacBook Pro. Looking at the current updates it got recently, it’s very unlikely that Apple will release another update for it, but we may expect it at next years Mac event.

And the last thing we may want to see at the Nov-2020 event will be the Air-Tags. We were expecting those in previous two Apple events as well, but Apple disappointed everyone there. This time with November event, hope for the best.

So lets wait for the 10th November event for the Official announcements, which will be surely a great Diwali Gift for Apple fans.

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