Top Issues with M1 Macs

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In Nov-2020, Apple unveiled it’s home developed Silicon, the M1. Frankly its revolutionary Chip, the performance delivered by M1 chip is unmatched for the power it consumes. No doubt that this is the Chip to offer best performance per Watt. Internet is full of all the amazing thing this M1 chip can do, which is no match for it’s Intel counter part. But while talking about the pros of M1, there are few issues also which are noticeable and reported by multiple users. Lets see the top issues with M1 Macs.

External Monitor Support

If you are using dual monitor setup for your work, then this is bad news for you. M1 Macs only support one external monitor. Yes, you heard it right. This was no issue with the Intel Macs, but M1 Macs support only single external monitor out-of-the-box. You can hook the second monitor, but that need too much effort, some additional connectors/convertors and some software tweaks. This is not what you expect with the laptops in 2020.

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Frequent disconnect with Bluetooth devices

Bluetooth Connectivity Issues Reported on Internet

Multiple users on internet reported issue with Bluetooth connectivity. Even this is reported with Apple’s Own Keyboard and Mouse while using them on M1 Macs. Such things were never observed with Intel Macs and it’s very annoying when working on critical stuff and suddenly nothing works for some time. We are hoping that this issue will get addressed with software updates by Apple.

Issue with iOS Apps

It was stated that with M1 Macs, all the apps on iOS will be available on the Macs as well. But as per multiple Tech YouTubers, testing shows that many top iOS apps are still not compatible with Macbooks. You can not make it full screen as its locked in iPad aspect ratio. Also as most the apps are optimized for touch interface, on MacBook’s, those are hard to handle with pointer support only.

No Support Yet for Motion-VFX Plugins

Most of the content creators uses multiple motion-VFX plugins for their work. But sadly M1 do not support it yet and that may be the deal breaker for many of you.

Occasional Wi-Fi disconnect

Like Bluetooth, few users also reported intermittent disconnect with Wi-Fi as well. This is not the issue which is widely reported, so we assume that this may be the one-off issue and can be ignored.


It’s no doubt that the M1 Macs are the best backs you can get currently and their performance is no match. We hope that most of the mentioned issues will be addressed with the next update by Apple and out of current issues motioned, not all will impact your decision to buy the great M1 Mac. But its true that the Gen 1 M1 is doing great and we can expect wonders with the next M2 in 2021.

Currently MacBooks with M1 Chip are available on Amazon with faster delivery as compared to Apple’s official site which is showing almost 2 to 3 weeks time for delivery.

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