Sonic Frontiers Combat Revealed

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Alright, literally the day before yesterday we talked about the Sonic Frontiers Gameplay reveal, and it had mostly negative opinions, mainly because of the lack of enemies. But now combat has been revealed by IGN and it is getting mixed to positive feedback, so today we go over all the enemies shown and how the combat system against them works. (And yes I named them because SEGA won’t give their names out)

Sack Of Balls / The Balls Robot

Sonic runs up close and straight-up kicks its face! He has to stay away from it because every 7 seconds it electrifies itself After the 7 seconds Sonic continues attacking. Sonic also boosts (not the one you know, another type of boost) towards the Robot and it damages it. and then he does intense punching. Yup, I think the Smash games helped Sonic in melee combat.

Source: Combat Gameplay

2 Legged Monstrosity

It’s not really a monstrosity, it’s like twice the size of Sonic, but anyway, it has a shell it uses to cover itself, during this time you have to circle around the robot which leaves a trail behind you, in the end, you make a small cross, you’ll get the shape when you see the video, you probably have…well anyway after the shape you created around the robot, it creates a special force with causes the shell to literally ascend. The animation for it flying off needs more work..well anyway the robot can still get another shell somehow to protect itself, you just have to circle around it again.

This robotic creature can Beyblade attack with its shield. I’m starting to think these aren’t even robots but actual creatures. They Beyblade, you jump and spin around their head. That’s so cool. Anyway, You then destroy the robot by a homing attack, dropping…eyes? Eye-shaped 2d collectible stuff things?? Sonic Frontiers is very creative with its collectible and enemy designs, I bet Robotnik or ahem, Eggman is not a part of this storyline. Oh also we get our first look at Sonic’s voice, and he doesn’t sound like he usually does…

Source: Combat Gameplay

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2-Legged Monstrosity 2.0

The new thing is this one has hands and runs like Sonic, with its hands backwards. According to what we saw, these come in groups of 3. There is a line between Sonic and the robot and it then tries to grab you. As usual, you fight them off easily with melee combat. Also, these things appear out of thin air?? Ok.

Source: Combat Gameplay

The Titan

Of course, the main attraction, THE TITAN. One thing that I’m really disappointed about here is that this titan is so big, and the music stills stays the same. The soothing and calm music doesn’t fit for a huge boss battle. I REALLY wish this is not the final project. Or SEGA could just be being big brain and giving us low-quality gameplay so that we can keep our expectations low. Just because of that I’m going to keep my expectations from low to medium.

Anyway, the titan smashes its hand on the ground and then blue circles appear on it. you have to go through them so that they give you speed, climbing the titan on the way. Once you reach the top, you climb the pointy parts of his head and then go back down after damaging them. You get a second chance with the second hand, this time with red circles coming from the hand trying to push you away, so if you can’t go up in time, you have to dodge the titan’s attacks.

You circle around its legs like you did with the Two-Legged Monstrosity, forcing the titan to lift its leg, giving you the perfect opportunity to damage the bottom part of it. The same goes for the other leg. The titan’s hand comes down again, with the red circles trying to push you away from the hand, but if you manage to get on top, you damage the pointy stuff again, this time if you succeed, well suppose you were damaging the left pointy thing, then if you succeed, the left hand will detach and fall of the titan, and then you go down, and then the titan smashes its other hand down this time with the red circles AND blue circles in front of them, and remember, the blue one speeds you up, and the red one pushes you backwards.

Now if you successfully go up, damage the pointy thing and make the hand fall off, it’s over, the entire titan is destroyed. Now I’m not sure EVERY titan boss will follow the same cycle as this one, this may have just been the first titan boss.

Source: Combat Gameplay

Well, I hope places from previous games make a return, like City Escape, Wave Ocean, Eggmanland, and especially Green Hill Zone, and Hyper Sonic taking place in the final boss fight. The first and only game Hyper Sonic was used in was Sonic 3 & Knuckles. And if not being playable, Sonic’s friends should play a significant role in the game, since the last game to do that was 2017’s Sonic Forces.

Source : IGN YouTube

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