Royal Enfield Hunter 350 : First Look

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On 7th August, Royal Enfield will be revealing the latest member of the RE family, i.e. Royal Enfield Hunter 350. This is a unique bike from Royal Enfield, way different than currently available RE bikes, yet it has that signature RE DNA in it. Its official launch will be on 7th August 2022 at 05:30 PM IST, but Royal Enfield has made the bike available for a first look, and here we are with the details for you. So let’s get on it.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350


Royal Enfield is known for making retro-looking bikes. You can see that with its signature Bullet 350, Continental GT & Classic 350, etc. But with latest bikes like Meteor and Scram 411, RE is breaking that barrier and making bikes that have RE’s DNA, yet comes with modern looks and technologies.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350

The Royal Enfield Hunter is based on the RE J-Platform, the same one on which you have Meteor and the Classic 350. But this bike is meant to attract a completely different audience. It will appeal to those who were very much interested in RE bikes but somehow in the back of their mind, they were not ready to go with the retro look. The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is the most modern-looking bike ever made by Royal Enfield. But to keep it in the league, RE is offering two variants for this bike.

  • Royal Enfield Hunter 350 – Retro (Base Variant)
    • Spoke Wheels and Drum Brakes at rear
    • 17″ front and rear wheels, 110 section front & 120 section rear tyres
    • Analog Instrumental Cluster
    • 13 ltr fuel tank
  • Royal Enfield Hunter 350 – Metro
    • Alloy Wheels and Disc Brakes at rear
    • 17″ front and rear wheels, 140 section tyres
    • Digital Instrumental Cluster
    • 13 ltr fuel tank
    • USB Charging port for Mobiles

The Hunter’s rider-first ergonomics revised rake angle, and low center of gravity has been designed to let you effortlessly maneuver the streets of the world’s coolest neighborhoods. An intuitive throttle response guarantees unprecedented agility with every flick of the wrist.

Source: Royal Enfield Hunter 350

To make it a little roadster-like modern, there are few key updates to this bike as compared to Classic or Meteor which are based on the same platform. The wheelbase is now shorter, approx. by 20 mm, reck angle is smaller, smaller exhaust pipe, and little shredding in weight as well, approx. by 18 kg.

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Royal Enfield Hunter 350

At the heart of the Hunter beats a fuel-injected, long-stroke 350cc J-engine that delivers a smoother ride, higher RPM, and dollops of torque. Paired with a steady downtube spine frame and grounded suspension, the Hunter 350 gives the right amount of power and precision, whether you’re revving up the city streets or gunning down the motorway.

Source: Royal Enfield Hunter 350
Source: Royal Enfield Hunter 350

No matter who is on the seat, the Hunter’s 800mm seat height, wide contours and excellent standover ergonomics make for easy handling and a comfortable riding experience, even while navigating stop-and-go traffic. Built for unpredictable urban environments situations, the anti-lock braking system with 300mm front and 270mm rear discs bring you safely to a stop at even the shortest of distances, keeping you firmly in control.

When you see Hunter 350, you will quickly notice that it has that all-black color scheme, no Chrome for the mudguard, etc. This is a very good move by RE considering the after-market modifications RE owners do to make their Retro bike stand out and get that modern look.

Pricing, Color Options & Availability

The RE Hunter 350 will be available in two categories, Retro and Metro. Color options & price details made available by RE for Hunter 350 are as follows.

Retro Hunter 350 -: INR 1,49,900/- Ex-Showroom

Factory Black
Factory Silver

Metro Hunter 350 (Dapper Series) -: INR 1,63,900/- Ex-Showroom

Dapper White
Dapper Ash
Dapper Grey

Metro Hunter 350 (Rebel Series) -: INR 1,68,900/- Ex-Showroom

Rebel Black
Rebel Blue
Rebel Red

All bikes are available for test rides and booking at RE Showrooms.

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