Google Pixel 4a – Worthy Upgrade

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The Google Pixel 4a is camera centric phone with all most all essential checkboxes ticked. It’s upgrade to Pixel 3a and offers most of the features from the flagship Pixel series, thus offers a direct competition to iPhone SE and OnePlus Nord.

Source – Google


  • Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G
  • RAM : 6 GB
  • Storage : 128 GB
  • Display : 5.81″ OLED, 60 HZ, FHD+ (~440 ppi), Always-On Display
  • Battery : 3140 MAH
  • OS : Android 10
  • Weight : ~140 g
  • Camera : 12.2 MP (f/1.7) Main Camera, 8 MP (f/2.0) Front Camera
  • Colour : Black

Build & Design

Google Pixel 4a comes in single variant with polycarbonate unibody design. Texture it offers is matt finish in black colour. At front, there is 5.81″ OLED FHD+ display with Punch Hole selfie camera. At rear, it have 12 MP main camera with dual-LED flash and fingerprint scanner. On sides it have power button, Volume rocker and Sim tray. Around bottom, it have USB-C port which is used for charging and data transfer, and single stereo speaker. At top it have noise cancelling microphone and 3.5 mm headphone jack.

It’s very light with just 143 g of weight which is evenly distributed. But one should note that there is no official rating for water and dust resistance. Hence one should be very careful while taking phone out in rain or accidently putting it in water.

Source – Google

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Google Pixel 4a comes with 5.81″ OLED FHD+ (1080p) display which provides approx 440 ppi. It’s a gorgeous Always-On display with crisp colors, good white balance and contrast. Size fits perfectly in hand and easy to use with one hand. Frequency offered is 60 HZ, not the highest as offered by other high end devices, but does it’s work perfectly. But if you are coming from devices with high end frequency then you may feel this screen as sluggish.

Source – Google


Main highlight of any Pixel phone is it’s camera and Pixel 4a is no exception to that. It offers 12.2 MP (f/1.7) main camera and 8 MP (f/2.0) front camera. If we look at the competition, this camera setup looks like old age one as there is no multiple camera setup. But the beauty of this camera is in it’s tuning with the software. Images produced by it are crisp, sharp, have good white balance, pleasing contrast. Also it offers incredible night sight mode, Astro-photography mode & dual exposure slider which makes this camera to stand-out in the crowd.

The Pixel 4a can shoot up to 4K video at 30 frames per second, and there’s also an option to shoot 1080p@60fps. In the standard 1080p shooting mode, video looked great. Dynamic range is excellent while resolved details look good. The image isn’t soft, but isn’t too sharp either. Colors are spot-on and noise is minimal.


Google Pixel 4a offers 3140 MAH battery which easily goes full day with approx. 6 hours of screen on-time. This is possible as the processor provided does not consume high power like 830 series processors and the UI is tuned to perfection maintaining proper balance between highly used apps and rest of the app in terms of battery consumption.


Like any other Pixel phone, performance of Pixel 4a is top notch considering its segment. Again, it does not offer high end processor like 830 series, but the Snapdragon 730G does its job perfectly. Credit goes to the tuned PIXEL UI as you will not see any lag at all. All operations runs smooth. PIXEL UI offers best Android experience with clean setup. It supports all gestures available with Android 10 and it will be upgradable to Android 11 as well.


The Google Pixel 4a is available in India at price of Rs. 58,999/-, but at Amazon India, you can get it around Rs. 49,000/-.

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