EvoFox Katana Pro RGB Mechanical Keyboard with Silent Red Switches

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If you are an IT Professional, a Gamer, an avid blogger, or one who spends lots of your time with your computer, then you definitely need a good Keyboard. There are mainly two types of Keyboards available in the market, Membrane keyboards and Mechanical keyboards. In this article, we will check out the latest mechanical keyboard from Amkette i.e. EvoFox Katana Pro.

EvoFox Katana Pro
EvoFox Katana Pro Mechanical Keyboard

Types of Keyboards

There are mainly two types of keyboards in the market based on switch type.

  1. Membrane Keyboard
  2. Mechanical Keyboard

A membrane keyboard uses a membrane to register the key press, i.e. Membrane keyboard switches are actuated by the user physically pushing a small contact at the bottom of the switch onto a receiver mounted along the floor of the keyboard when pressing the key cap.

Mechanical keyboards use a spring-loaded mechanism to press a physical switch. Pressing a mechanical keyboard switch moves a plastic panel out of the way so that two electrical contacts can meet. The switch then registers the key press, and the spring at the bottom allows the switch to return to its original position quickly. 

Both of these types have their own advantages and disadvantages like membrane keyboards are lightweight, very silent on key press, etc. Whereas a mechanical keyboard is a breeze to type on, sturdy, customizable, etc. In this article we are mainly checking out new mechanical keyboard from Amkette i.e. EvoFox Katana Pro.

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EvoFox Katan Pro Mechanical Keyboard

The EvoFox Katana Pro Mechanical Keyboard comes with a strong build, with dimensions of 36.5cm x 13.7cm x 3.7cm and a weight of 830 grams. It has a 1.8m Braided (Red) Cable with a gold plated connector. Overall body is made up of good quality plastic with a metal plate inside. All sides are red in color and the Keyboard top along with the keycaps are black in color. The form factor of this keyboard is TKL i.e. Ten Key Less. This means that on this keyboard you will get 87 keys, you will not get a Numpad, like a full keyboard. Thus it’s compact in size and a great fit for the setup where you have limited space on your workstation for Keyboard and mouse.

EvoFox Katana Pro
Source : Amkette

The keyboard comes with Outemu Red Switches, which are linear and silent in nature as compared to the Blue Switches. The Outemu Red Switches are said to have a life of 50 Million Keystrokes. So if you type very much on your keyboard, then you will love the feel of these Red Switches. The Keycaps are double injection molded keycaps, thus insuring non-erasable print-on it and high durability.

EvoFox Katana Pro
Source : Amkette

Now if you are a gamer, then RGB lighting is a must. This EvoFox Katana Pro is no exception to this. It supports True Prismatic 16 Million Colours RGB Lighting with 16 Lighting effects. It also has 4 game mode presets. Along with these, if you want to customize this keyboard as per your liking, then you can do that as well. Thanks to the full fledge software support for this keyboard. The Katana Pro RGB Mechanical Keyboard comes with Powerful Full Featured Software with onboard Memory. So customize it once and use it anywhere. Create Powerful Macros, Program ANY key, and Customise the Lighting patterns. If you are the one who does not like this flashy RGB stuff, then this keyboard offers Single Click White Key Mode as well, Simple and sweet right! Just press FN+PB key to activate the bright white LED on your keyboard.

EvoFox Katana Pro
Source : Amkette

The EvoFox Katana Pro has a nKey Rollover feature. Thus you can press any number of keys at a time and all will get registered without any issue. Also for games here, it comes with a Windows Key Lock feature as well, thus ensuring that while playing games, if you accidentally press the Windows key, then nothing happens, thus no interruption with your game.

EvoFox Katana Pro
Source : Amkette

Availability & Pricing

The EvoFox Katana Pro Mechanical Keyboard is launched in Aug-2022. This is available to buy on Amazon.in, and on the Amkette website. Its launch price is ₹3,499/- but on Amazon, it’s available just for ₹2,299/-.

We hope that you like the content provided. In a few days we will publish our full review on this keyboard, so stay tuned. Till then, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Jai Hind!

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