Upcoming MacBook 14″ and 16″ with upgraded M1X chips

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We are just witnessed the 2020, the year with most traumatic events and Covid-19. In same year we saw big updates from Apple including M1 chip as well. No doubt that one of the most hotly anticipated Apple products for 2021 would be Apples next generation Upcoming MacBook 14″ and 16″ with upgraded M1X chips & a brand new re-design mini LED displays.

Going over the new rumors, may be in July-2021 Apple will bring out a completely redesigned MacBook in the form of a reduced bezelled 14 inch and 16 inch laptop. This mean the slight refresh we got to the 16 inch MacBook Pro in 2019 was just a one time change at least future MacBooks will get any even bigger reduction in the bezel around the display possibly mimicking how the iPad pro looks with its rounded corner display. As for other design changes we really don’t know too much at this point besides the fact that the displays are going to get bigger on the smaller 13 inch model moving up to a 14 inch display and it should be around the same size or similar body size to the current 13 inch model. Certain elements of the MacBook Pro should be changed especially considering that the MacBook Pro has looked exactly the same since 2016. As Apple could now deliver and even slimmer and lighter MacBook Pro, thanks to power efficient Apple Silicon chips.

Also it might be the case that they are limited in how much slimmer they can make the MacBook Pro with the magic keyboard as compared to slimmer butterfly keyboards after all the controversy they face there. We can expect Apple to include more ports in these models though as one of the weaknesses from the current generation of Apple Silicon laptops is that they have a limited 2 thunderbolt USB 4 ports on the left side of the device. So at a minimum we can expect four thunderbolt ports on a 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro.

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Here with the design, Apple may go with the touchscreens for their MacBooks considering the look of new Big Sur MacOS, even if Apple says that they didn’t design macOS Big Sur with touch screens in mind. But this is just speculation on our part. Apple is planning to bring to the new Mac is a mini LED display which is reported by Ming Chi Kuo & Digitimes. Mini LED display technology is a display technology that will be making its way to a lot of apple’s products this year.

Mini LED displays allow the back lighting up the display to be much more precise with hundreds or thousands of smaller LED backlighting so they can turn the backlighting on or off in certain areas rather than just having one big back light for the entire display. This would lead to a few benefits for these displays including increased brightness, improved contrast, rich colors, better black levels. If this is true, then it will be best suited for the content creators. As per digitimes, mini LED display may even comes to Apples budget laptop like MacBook Air in 2022.

As per the reports by Bloomberg, Apple is planning to bring new chips with as many as 32 high performance cores. If this is real then it will be well ahead of the competition, considering the performance we see from the first generation M1 Chips. Currently the M1 Chips have integrated graphics which is already outperforming laptops with dedicated GPUs. But we may see dedicated GPUs from Apple for their desktop lineup. Also the memory configuration with M1 chip shows that with even 8GB of memory, MacBook performance is quite good. But we will wait to see from Apple, what configuration options they will put for the new 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pros considering the end-users who will be using it.

Saying this, we may see announcements in 2021’s WWDC about new hardware, based on the history of the WWDC event. Also new Macs can be revealed as early as March-2021. All these are rumours unless we see any official communication or event from Apple. We hope that Apple is listening to us and we get the redesigned MacBooks in 2021 with upgraded M1X chips.

MacBook Pro M1

MacBook Air M1

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