Microsoft Edge : Super Duper Secure Mode for Online Enhanced Security

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It’s rumoured that team Microsoft is experimenting with their Edge browser for a Super Duper Secure Mode for browsing through the internet with increased security. What is this Microsoft Edge Super Duper Security Mode, Let’s check it out.

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge Browser

Security is Top Priority

Now a days, we are in a world where most of the things are done online at click of a button. Thanks to the advanced technology and some credit goes to COVID-19 pandemic as well to push the digitisation of most the things on fast track.

But in this comfort situation, we are now more prone to online attacks as well. Thus big companies like Apple etc. are already taking good measures from their side to secure the browsers like Safari so that personal security is maintained online. You can see that any site you access will track all your actions by means of cookies and thus if you search any thing online, you immediately start seeing ads for same products on other sites you visit thereafter. In Safari browser, you can control this and its very good move by Apple, giving preference to personal privacy.

Now Microsoft is also started moving on same steps and thus it’s rumoured that Microsoft Edge team is working on enhanced security for their latest generation browser, MS Edge, which is called as Super Duper Secure Mode. Interesting name right, Microsoft Edge Super Duper Security Mode!

Although the Microsoft Edge Super Duper Security Mode is experimental in nature, it turns off certain optimisations in the internet browser so that hackers and attackers cannot access and exploit the bugs in the Edge browser.

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Super Duper Secure Mode

To achieve Super Duper Security, the experimental mode turns off the Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation. This is a feature of JavaScript engine and enables the browser to run a website’s code faster, reducing loading times.As per Microsoft, the JIT compilation is main reason for browser bug exploitation. Another analysis also revealed that more than half of the security exploits in Chromium based browsers in the past two to three years are either directly or indirectly related to JIT.

But as this feature with have a bright side, there are few drawbacks as well. As JIT (Just-In-Time) compilation is said to be disabled, it will hit performance of a website as JIT is mainly used to load websites faster. As per Microsoft, for average user who uses browser for casual browsing and watching Videos or Web-Series will not see much difference. But saying this, browser based web-apps will surely see performance difference.

Let’s see what we will get from this Super Duper Security Mode once Microsoft Officially release details around same. Till then, stay safe and stay healthy!

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