M1X Macs Delayed

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Since the announcement of M1 Macs, whole computer industry is praising the performance offered by M1 Chips by Apple. It’s revolution. And now on top of that, there were multiple rumours on upcoming M1X chip, successor of current M1 chip with more cores, which will in-turn provide more performance in both CPU and graphics area. But with no March-2021 event which are confirmed by most of the leading leakers (but not by Apple :p), are M1X Macs delayed?

What is M1X

In Nov-2020, Apple announced its own inhouse processor for Macs, the Apple Silicon M1 Chip. This is gamechanger considering the performance it offers vs per Watt power consumption. M1X is the upgrade to M1 Chip in term of CPU and GPU power or Cores. M1 Chip comes with 4 High Performance cores and 4 High efficiency cores.

Source – Apple
Source – Apple

For GPU power, M1 Chip offers up-to 8 GPUs.

Source – Apple

For M1X, rumours are that it will offer up-to 16 Core for CPU, out of which 12 cores will be high performance & 4 cores will be high efficiency cores. Considering the performance offered by M1 chip with 4 High Performance cores, we can roughly expect 3-times faster performance from the new M1X chips. On GPU side, it’s rumored that M1X chip will offer up-to 16 or 32 cores, thus taking integrated graphics performance to the next level.

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Who is target Audience for M1X

Apple M1 chip were introduced with entry level MacBook Pro and MacBook Air along with Mac Mini. Thus it was intended for causal users, Students and to some extent entry level Professional. With M1X Apple will target high end working professional, Content creators and probably gamers (take this with pinch of salt). Considering this, M1X chip will be available for rumored 14″ MacBook Pro and 16″ MacBook Pro along with iMac & iMac Pro. Recently we saw that Apple officially discontinued iMac and also stopped selling high capacity iMac models from their site. So this is clear indication that new redesigned iMacs are coming.

Is there any delay in M1X Mac Release

As we all know, COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost all industries. Due to multiple lockdowns and shutdown of factories, semiconductor production for any IC (Integrated Circuit) Chips also got impacted. Hence this worldwide shortage has impacted all Chip Manufactures resulting in delay and Apple is no exception to this. Rumours suggests that due to inadequate supply of chips impacted the current timeline for Apple and thus global release of M1X Macs is delayed. Considering this, we can expect that Apple may release some products with a Press Release instead of Official event as well if not all Products planned for released are not ready due to global resource shortage.

Rumors also suggest that the all new redesigned iMacs will be showcased in upcoming April-2021 event by Apple. But there is no official communication from Apple on this yet. But we will keep you posted with all latest updates around this topic. So stay tuned and share your views in comment section below.

M1 Macs Availability

M1 Macs are available via Official Apple Site and via Amazon. You can check them as below.

M1 MacBook Air
M1 MacBook Pro

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