Is iOS 15.1 update draining your iPhone Battery

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Recently apple released update for their latest iOS i.e. 15.1. But right after update, we have observed that the iPhone battery was draining at alarming rate. Similar issues were reported by multiple users across globe and that confirmed that it’s a global issue with this particular update and not with our device. But is iOS 15.1 update draining your iPhone Battery drastically, let’s check it out.

Source : Apple

iOS 15.1 Update

Whenever iPhone get iOS update, it need to download, unpack the archive and then install that update. Depending upon the content in the update, installation time may vary. Also your iPhone may get rebooted multiple times. This overall process consumes good amount of power and hence after the update you may be significant drop in battery percentage.

Once the update is done, based upon the improvements, enhancements & fixes provided in the update, iOS performed many activities in background which are post iOS update activities. Thus first boot after the iOS update may show battery drop.

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Battery Drain Issue – How to Address

Many iPhone users have reported that they are facing serious battery drain after iOS 15.1 update. This is not specific to any particular iPhone model, but affecting iPhones from SE to latest iPhone 13. So how to address this issue.

  • Try rebooting your iPhone. First shut it down. Wait for 2-3 min & then start it. After this put it on charging until its 100%. By this way, we have observed that battery usage was back to normal & no drastic battery drain was observed later.
  • You can try to use iPhone in low power mode for sometime and then reboot once, get it to full charge. This should solve your battery drain issue.
  • If this does not help, then only option is to disable location service to run automatically in background. Restrict app which continue to run in background. Also use low power mode for day or two.

Lets us know if this helps. If you have any other observations, do let us know in comment section. Till then Stay healthy, Stay Safe, Jai Hind!

Update : As of 8-Dec-21

Apple has released iOS 15.2 beta as part of its Software Beta Program. This addressed the issues related to bluetooth connectivity, high CPU usage with few apps, which intone causes battery drain etc. So better to wait for official public release of new 15.2, which should address most of the current issues.

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