New Fire HD 10 Tablet: Unveiling the 13th Generation

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The realm of tablets has witnessed a remarkable evolution, and the latest entrant, the 13th generation Fire HD 10 tablet from Amazon, continues this legacy. In this blog, we’ll delve into the significant improvements that make it stand out among its predecessors and competitors.

Fire HD 10 tablet
Source – Amazon

Feather-Light and Swift of new Fire HD 10

Boasting a reduction of 30 grams in weight from its predecessor, the new Fire HD 10 tablet introduces a feather-light experience. Beyond the weight reduction, Amazon claims a 25 percent increase in speed compared to the 2021 model, a claim substantiated by my hands-on testing, revealing impressive responsiveness.

Enhanced Imaging and Display

Source – Amazon

A notable upgrade comes in the form of a front-facing camera, elevated from 2MP to 5MP. The impact on visual experiences is further heightened by the 10.1-inch, high-definition 1080p display. These enhancements, coupled with a commendable 13-hour battery life and 3GB of RAM, make this tablet a compelling option, all priced just under $140.

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Full Specifications of the Fire HD 10 13th Gen is as follows.

Screen Size10.1 inches
Screen Resolution (pixels)1920 x 1200 IPS
HD SupportFull HD Support, 16:10 aspect ratio
Abstracted LCD density224 PPI
Internal Storage32 GB / 64 GB
External StorageMicroSD up to 1 TB
PeripheralsStylus (sold separately), Keyboard (sold separately)
System on a Chip (SOC) platformMediatek MT8186A
Application Binary Interface (ABI)32bit / 64bit
CPU2 x A76@2.05 GHz, 6x A55@2.0 GHz
WifiDual band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz
Bluetooth5.3 LE
Location servicesWiFi-based
Initial Fire OS versionFire OS 8
Latest Fire OS versionFire OS 8
Android version & API levelAndroid 11, API Level 30
Heap size (default)128 MB
Heap size (large)384 MB
Front-facing camera5 MP
Rear-facing camera5 MP
Camera AutoFocusn/a
MicrophoneYes – single
SpeakersDual speakers – Dolby Atmos
Multi-touch5 – simultaneously
ConnectorsUSB-C, microSD card slot up to 1 TB, audio jack
Light sensorYes
Proximity sensorNo
CAD fileYes
Source : Amazon

    Entertainment Excellence

    Streaming Supremacy

    Amazon positions this tablet as an entertainment powerhouse, and rightly so. The display’s generosity, crispness, and vividness make it an ideal companion for on-the-go video consumption, whether in bed or on the treadmill. Prime Video and Freevee come preloaded, with easy access to a plethora of other popular streaming apps.

    Reading Pleasure

    For enthusiasts of the Kindle app and Kindle Unlimited, the Fire HD 10 tablet offers a decent reading experience. While its size may deter dedicated e-reading without additional support, the large screen enhances landscape mode reading, providing a comfortable alternative.

    Browsing Brilliance – Silk Browser Evolution

    Preloaded with the Amazon Silk browser, a historical pain point for users, this tablet surprises with a significantly improved browsing experience. The Silk browser, now comparable to Google Chrome or Firefox, facilitates seamless browsing, even for platforms like YouTube, not available through the Amazon App Store.

    Full-fledge Alexa

    The Fire HD 10 tablet extends its functionality as an Alexa device, responding to commands even with the display off. This feature proves beneficial for less tech-savvy users, offering an alternative to dedicated Echo devices. However, for personal use or with children, Alexa integration remains optional.

    Limitations – App Dilemma

    A critical limitation surfaces in the form of restricted access to the Google Play Store. The Amazon App Store’s limitations become evident, excluding popular apps and services like YouTube, LinkedIn, Monarch Money, Forest, Reddit, and Mercari. Despite these restrictions, the tablet compensates with a robust selection of streaming and gaming apps.

    Improved Camera

    The tablet’s vastly improved front-facing camera enhances its suitability for video calls and selfies. While commendable for occasional use, investing in a stand is advisable for extended video chatting sessions due to its size and weight.

    Conclusion – Is it Worth the Investment?

    The Amazon Fire HD 10 emerges as an affordable alternative to pricier competitors, such as Samsung or Apple tablets. However, potential buyers must acknowledge the limitations imposed by the Amazon App Store. Despite this drawback, the tablet excels in streaming, gaming, and overall performance, making it a worthwhile consideration for entertainment-focused users.


    1. Can I download apps outside the Amazon App Store?
      • Unfortunately, the Fire HD 10 does not provide access to the Google Play Store, limiting app choices to the Amazon App Store.
    2. How does the tablet perform for video calls?
      • With a significantly improved front-facing camera, the tablet is excellent for video calls, though using a stand is advisable for prolonged sessions.
    3. Is the Fire HD 10 suitable for avid readers?
      • While a bit large for dedicated e-reading, the tablet provides a satisfactory reading experience, particularly in landscape mode.

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