12″ Macbook might be the first Mac with Apple Silicon

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Since the announcement of Apple Silicon at WWDC 2020 by Tim Cook, excitements around new Macs with Apple Silicon is increasing day by day. This is fueled by numerous rumours around the Specification, Pricing & which Mac will be the first with the Apple custom SOC. So what’s latest update on this, rumours are that the 12″ Macbook might be the first Mac with Apple Silicon.

Recap on the 12″ Macbook

The 12″ Macbook was first introduced in March 2015. It’s the thinnest and lightest Macbook from Apple with advanced battery technology and fanless design. At 13.1mm thick, this MacBook is Apple’s thinnest notebook to date, and it weighs just two pounds. It got second update in June 2017, with faster processors, better graphics, faster SSDs, and support for up to 16GB RAM, making it ultra thin Macbook. This was the Mac with Butterfly keyboard to fit in that ultra thin body. The keyboard design was adapted and thus affected the feel or feedback from keys when pressed. Along with this butterfly keyboard also reported issues over letters or characters that repeat unexpectedly and non-responsive keys.

Why 12″ Macbook discontinued

With the Ultra Thin build and fanless design, Processor have major responsibility to control heat dissipation from the machine. To get the balance from Performance and heating from processor, Intel’s Kaby Lake chips with integrated Intel Intel HD Graphics 615 were used by Apple. It done well but not as expected by the Mac users and thus in 2019 12″ Macbook was discontinued and replaced with more affordable Macbook Air.

Latest Updates on 12″ Macbook

As per the latest report from China Times, the 12″ Macbook will be the first Macbook with Apple’s Custom SOC, Apple Silicon. It will be equipped with A14X bionic chip, Retina Display, USB C Port and weight of under 1 kg. Because of the low power consumption of the Arm architecture processor, the battery life of the new Macbook can reach 15 to 20 hours as per the report.

This will be huge step from Apple, as the previous 12″ Macbook was discontinued due to its high power consumption, heating issue etc. With own chip, Apple will show how drastic performance and heating dissipation balance can be obtained with same 12″ Macbook and thus will increase the expectations from the higher Macbook models like Macbook Pro.

Similar update can be seen from @komiya .

Source – Twitter

All these rumours are contradicting to previous ones which suggested that the 13″ Macbook Pro will be the first Macbook with Apple Silicon. We will need to wait for the official release from Apple to break all rumours. It’s expected that Apple will reveal the Macbook with Custom Silicon at the Oct-2020 event which will be Virtual one like WWDC 2020 due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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